The Transformation (Young Adult) Ministry

President: Beatrice McCarroll                                                                                                                     

Our Mission: We are the Ministry of the future, striving to motivate, empower and forever change the world. We will create Christ-centered opportunities for spiritual growth through outreach and ministry. We will use our gifts from God to be THE generation that makes a difference.

Our Vision: Transformation aspires to reach and empower young adults by affirming their unique gifts and talents while fostering spiritual, financial, psychological and interpersonal growth.

Slogan: Hold the vision, trust the process!

Transformation Choir: We sing the Third Sunday of each month. Choir rehearsal is the Monday (6:30 pm) and Thursday (7:00 pm) prior to the Third Sunday.

Praise & Worship: The Transformation Ministry leads Praise and Worship each Sunday morning beginning at 10:40 am.

The 2017-2018 Transformation Officers:

 President: Beatrice McCarroll                                                                                                                   Vice-President: Tiffany Hathaway                                                                                                     Secretary: Amanda Rodgers                                                                                                                    Co-Secretary: Tronell Wynn                                                                                                                 Treasurer: Shaena Mosby                                                                                                                             Chaplin: Crystal Neverson