We recognize the roll as ministering servants of the church, whose characteristics and qualifications are specified in Timothy 3:8-13, Acts 6:6, and Titus 1:6-19

Servant Leaders who seek to invest in the lives of people so that, as a whole, the church community is challenged to grow to be more like Christ. We demonstrate this in our willingness to help meet the spiritual needs, but not necessarily the wants of the people.

We don’t emulate the examples of the world, our example is Jesus, who came as a servant. Therefore, our mission is to serve one another, to give of ourselves. Christ came to give His life. We are to give our lives, not only in service to Him but, to our fellowman, including those in the church and outside of it.

Diaconate Officers:
Eric Jones, Chairman
Roosevelt Dillard, Jr., Vice Chairman
Donald Hawkins, Secretary
Willie Brown, Treasurer